In the same way that a cat or a dog are part of the family, exotic animals have managed to gain a foothold in our home. The problem arises when we realize that the care demanded by these peculiar pets is far from traditional domestic animals.

COCODRILO PARK is home to many animals that have been stolen or simply found by SEPRONA (Nature Protection Service) and individuals who did not know the risks that their pets had when they became adults.

Rescue center

According to the Washington agreement, signed by Spain in 1987, there must be an exotic fauna rescue center that shelters abandoned exotic animals or animals from illegal trafficking. From COCOCDRILO PARK we have allocated a large amount of our own resources to fulfill this function, so now our center has a zoological nucleus and space for exhibition and dissemination. The support of various administrations and the contributions they make to us when buying a ticket allows us to continue being a rescue center and home to a multitude of animals that, due to their characteristics, could not be free on the island.

Your contribution counts

Cocodrilo Park is home to many animals brought in by individuals or stolen by public administrations. Many of them have terrible stories of abuse and neglect until they got here. Know that with the symbolic value of the entrance you are collaborating so that these animals have their food, their veterinary assistance and therefore a home, on behalf of our animals and all of us who make COCODRILO PARK, we want to thank you for your visit.