You are currently viewing Crocodiles Park, Gran Canaria animal rescue center.

Crocodiles Park, Gran Canaria animal rescue center.

As a rescue center due to the need of many entities and individuals to deliver exotic animals.

The first animal collected by our park was Judith, a female chimpanzee in 1987.

Since then we have been sheltering hundreds of animals in our facilities, providing them with a home and veterinary assistance. The BOE No. 291 of December 3, 2018 publishes the resolution of November 14, 2018, of the General Directorate of Commercial Policy and Competitiveness, by which the Agreement with Canaryfauna S.L. is published, for the deposit and maintenance of seized CITES specimens . Cocodrilo Park is the home of many animals that have been stolen or simply found by SEPRONA (Nature Protection Service) and individuals who did not know the risk that their pets had when they became adults.

In Gran Canaria there is a refuge for exotic animals that many people may not be aware of. Cocodrilo Park, in Agüimes, welcomes many animals that have been seized by SEPRONA (Nature Protection Service), as well as individuals who were unaware of the risks that their pets posed when they grew up.

The care that these particular pets require is far from that of traditional domestic animals, which is why many people find themselves in a bind when they realize that they can no longer take care of their pets and abandon them to their fate.

Do you want to know when it was founded?

Cocodrilo Park is an exotic animal rescue center, recognized by the State since January 2019, although it has been performing this function since 1987, and provides a public care and protection service in Spain.

This center was created to offer protection, food and a home to the exotic animals that Seprona found in a situation of abandonment and on many occasions mistreatment.

It is a home where the rights of animals are respected, a place in which they are offered fair treatment and a dignified life.

¿Quieres pasar un día inolvidable en familia?

Families having a good time together in an afternoon visiting Cocodrilo Park
Families having fun with the birds at Crocodile Park

We encourage families to visit and discover our park. Without a doubt, do not think twice and come to know our adoption and rescue center in Gran Canaria.

Here you will find unique entertainment, you will learn more about exotic species that you could not know otherwise in an entertaining and fun way.

The ticket price is very affordable and with your help you contribute so that each member of this extended family can continue to enjoy a peaceful life, something very important for them since, thanks to our contribution, they have been able to leave behind a life of abuse.

What animals are most popular in Crocodile Park?

The truth is that all animals are popular, but if we have to choose some, we would say crocodiles, there is a large population of them and they reach wingspans of several meters and also through their shows that take place every so often, the visitor can observe their eating habits as well as the story behind each unique member of the zoo.

On the other hand, the role of tigers should be highlighted, because there are not many in Europe and we can observe them from a few meters away.

The monkeys are also very popular, which with their peculiar sounds and jokes, arouse the laughter of the public and are very close to humans.

What life benefits do our animals bring with your visit to Zoo Cocodrilo Park?

We offer many services that are beneficial to both the animals and the people who visit them, whether residents or tourists.

A visit to the center is a great way to learn more about these animals and their care while contributing to a good cause.

With our visit, we will learn about the importance of environmental education, as well as about the fauna and flora of the island of Gran Canaria, since part of the park is a natural space.

We also have a snack bar, so the issue of food is solved, just take the car and enjoy the day!

We have everything you need to make your day unforgettable, don’t forget to take your device to take home very funny photos.

What other species will we see on our visit?

Some species that we can find in the Crocodile Park Zoo are: crocodiles, alligators, lizards, turtles, tarantulas, snakes, iguanas, tropical birds, tigers, monkeys, birds and endless native flora.

Undoubtedly an activity to do as a family in which we will contribute for the benefit of the entire park.

Interact with our animals

Unlike other centers, the interaction of animals with the family is not a problem.

Not being a normal Zoo, we have prohibited adult species that you will not be able to see anywhere else, as their sale is prohibited by CITES, an international agreement between governments. Its purpose is to ensure that international trade in specimens of wild animals and plants does not constitute a threat to the survival of the species.

From time to time there are various shows in which you can observe the behavior and abilities of our animals and during the walk through our facilities, you will observe their particular way of life one by one.

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